Consi Copra specialises in managing the entire logistics cycle, in relation to the different phases of a company’s activity (production, sales, logistics).

The skills developed in the logistics field is the result of the ongoing training of its personnel.

The training programmes have been prepared to develop the specific know-how of the personnel. Their objective is to provide an in-depth understanding of modern warehouse organisation, in this way helping client companies avoid the need to recruit unskilled labour lacking the necessary experience.

The logistics service is planned and carried out based on the demands of the client, who can select either of two base packages:

  • TOTAL LOGISTICS OUTSOURCING: outsourcing the carrying out of the entire logistics process (from the planning to the monitoring phase) and warehouse operation;
  • PARTIAL LOGISTICS OUTSOURCING: outsourcing the management of an individual branch of a company division that requires highly specialised skills.

The wide range of logistics services delivered by Consi Copra includes picking and repackaging activities.

The consortium manages these activities from the preparation of a pallet of goods, viewed as being the minimum unit of purchase, to the preparation of individual products, which calls for specific picking and any special packing.